1. perimeter, enclosure, belt, border. See surround(def. 3).
2. surroundings
environs, neighborhood, vicinity, vicinage, region, area, locale, district, section; environment, habitat, setting, Fr. mise en scene. scene, entourage, milieu, ambience, background; suburbs, faubourgs, outskirts.
3. enclosing, enwrapping, enfoldment, enfolding, envelopment, enveloping, encasement, encasing; encom-passment, encompassing, begirding, encirclement, encircling, circumscription, circumscribing, environing, circumambience, encincture, encincturing, circumval-lating, besetment, besetting, hemming in.
4. enclosing, enwrapping, enfolding, enveloping, encasing, integumentary; encompassing, girdling, begirding, circumfluent, circumventive, circumventing; encircling, circling, circumscribing, circumjacent, circumambient, ambient, environing, circum-vallating, besetting, hemming in.
5. environmental, vicinal, regional, sectional, local; neighboring, next-door, adjoining, conjoining, connecting, attached; adjacent, juxtapositional, juxtaposed, next to, proximate, bordering; contiguous, abutting, meeting, tangential, tangent, touching, Obs. attingent; near, nearby, close, close-by, nigh

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